I am a 24-year-old, London based artist. After graduating in 2017 with a first-class Fine Art degree from CentralSaint Martins, I have continued to pursue my love of contemporary art asfreelancer.

My practice involves an interplay between painting, digitalprint and text, through which I aim to address and challenge my thoughts andfeelings about digital culture and the transience we experience as a result ofnew technologies.

My work therefore strives to imbue value into low quality andpixilated images created with new technologies, using the traditional and time-consumingmedium of oil painting. Wishing to disrupt the constancy dictated by technologyI apply several thin layers of paint, over time building up texture and form. Asa result of my process I generally don’t have the finished composition in mind whenI begin the piece, but come to it through constant experimentation andevaluation.

When I am not making my own work, I spend my time volunteeringat Two Temple Place, one of London’s most incredible museums and venues,dedicated to promoting culture. The museum is currently exhibiting John Ruskin:The Power of Seeing to mark the bicentenary of his birth. 




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